"Unicum sed Unitum"

The Association of State Correctional Administrators was founded on the belief that each represented correctional jurisdiction is unique with regard to obligatory statutes, policies, structure, incarcerated population, resources, and burning issues, but that similarities of purpose, responsibilities, principles, and challenges among its member jurisdictions unite them in a quest for public safety, secure and orderly facilities, and professionalism that can be achieved through sharing ideas and vigorously entering into collaborative efforts to persistently improve the corrections profession.

Significant Jurisdictional Information

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Who can be a member of ASCA?

Membership consists of persons who are appointed to serve on a full-time basis to be directly responsible for the administration of the correctional facilities or correctional system of a jurisdiction. These persons include heads of state corrections agencies, Los Angeles County, heads of Cook County (Chicago), the District of Columbia, New York City, Philadelphia, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, The Correctional Service of Canada, each province of Canada, and any United States territory, possession, and/or commonwealth.

ASCA Associate members include former administrators of the above jurisdictions who have successfully served as administrators for an aggregate of at least three years in one or more jurisdictions and who have been nominated and accepted into associate status by ASCA's Executive Committee.