The Performance Measure Committee Met for a Strategic Planning Session in Aurora, CO

The Performance Measures Committee (PMC) met November 13-14, 2014 at the National Institute of Corrections Training Academy in Aurora, CO.  The purpose of this one and one half day planning meeting was for PMC members, PBMS Users, our federal partners, ATG, MDPSD Dashboard, and ASCA staff to review status of the System, update our long-term goals and strategies for PBMS with particular focus on upgrading the System reports and Dashboard, review potential revisions to the PBMS counting rules, and to begin to explore the development of benchmarks.

The key topics for the meeting included:
§  Overview of Strategic Planning Process;
§  Long-Term Goals For PBMS – Utility, Software Development, & Benchmarks;
§  Participation Issues and Strategies to Solve Them  - Turning the Pink States to Green and Blue;
§  Functionality of PBMS web site – Options/Suggestions;
§  Functionality of PBMS Dashboard; and         
§  Review of Draft Revised PBMS Key Indicators.

Click here for the agenda for the meeting.


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