2016 PBMS Strategic Planning Meeting

On February 29 – March 1st, the Performance Measures Committee (PMC) held a PBMS Strategic Planning Meeting at the NIC Training Academy in Aurora, Colorado. ASCA members, PBMS Users, ATG, NIC, and ASCA staff reviewed the status of the System, updated our long-term goals, revised our PBMS participation strategies and goals, identified options for improving the PBMS website and Dashboard, reviewed the PBMS restrictive housing counting rules, and created a preliminary process for developing benchmarks within PBMS.

Monday’s discussions, led by PMC Chair Director Bob Lampert (WY DOC), explored strategies to increase PBMS participation, improve the PBMS website and reports, and enhance the PBMS Dashboard. Participants provided many great suggestions to further the PBMS initiative. The consensus of a discussion of the PBMS Restrictive housing key indicators counting rules was that the PBMS operational definition for “restrictive housing” should parallel the ACA standards. The ideas for updating PBMS and Dashboard as well as the revised PBMS restrictive housing counting rules will be presented at the 2016 Summer Meeting of the PMC in Boston. On Tuesday morning, after a quick recap of Monday’s discussions, the group, led by Director Lampert created a preliminary process for developing benchmarks within PBMS. The final task was to update the three-year goals for PBMS.

ASCA would like to thank NIC Senior Deputy Director Bob Brown and Program Specialist, Tony Stines for their continued support of PBMS. Many, many thanks to Director Lampert for facilitating this successful meeting. Also, thanks a million to all the participants for their precious time, excellent suggestions, and feedback.

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