The Performance Measures Committee uses a Performance Based Measures System (PBMS) to define correctional standards in keeping with contemporary practice; to delineate measures of performance for each standard; to establish key indicators for each measure; to institute counting rules for each indicator; to store the measures on a web database; to produce reports of correctional performance; and to conduct appropriate comparisons of performance across jurisdictions.

Message from the Chair

Lampert Robert O. (Bob) Lampert, (WY), Chair
Performances Measures Committee

Performance Based Measurement Standards will play a pivotal role in improving corrections in a meaningful way, thanks in large part to the generous support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Corrections. By standardizing what and how we measure the important work we do, PBMS increases the ASCA membership’s accountability for correctional performance and credibility with government and the public.

Through this initiative, we continue to develop modern standards and measures of our agencies’ responsibilities, express those measures in numeric values, and enter them into a web database to allow all participants to monitor their own performance as well as share and compare their measures with sister agencies. The System we have created can be enormously helpful to our administrators, but it is only as good as the commitment of our membership to the uniform definitions of performance measures, uniform methods of computing measures, and full participation by all members of ASCA.

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Members of the Committee

Bartruff, jerry sm pic

Jerry Bartruff (IA)


Leann Bertsch (ND)


Robert Lampert (WY)


James Le Blanc (LA)


Gary Mohr (OH)

Ponte joseph pic_phixr

Joseph Ponte (NYC)


Tom Roy (MN)


Charles Ryan (AZ)

Performance Measures Committee Leadership

Robert Lampert (WY)

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