The Reentry and Community Corrections Committee was formed to identify and promulgate correctional practices that are likely to reduce the number of offenders returning to prison after release. To that end, this committee:

• Solicits presentations and reports on promising reentry projects;
• Monitors a number of information sharing projects produced by other committees and entities when they relate to reentry successes;
• Participates in the Council of State Governments (CSG) National Reentry Resource Center; and
• Searches and shares with members federal funding for institutional and community reentry programs and services.

Message from the Chairs

Lombardi Roy_thomas_pic_small Tom Roy (MN), Co-Chair
George Lombardi (MO), Co-Chair

Reentry and Community Corrections

The Reentry and Community Corrections Committee focuses on educating members of best practices and promising approaches, availability of federal funding, and other useful information regarding re-entry programs and services that prepare offenders for reintegration into the community. The Committee also strives to build stronger relationships between community and institutional corrections and collaborations from all aspects of community partnerships necessary for systemic approaches to reentry.

ASCA has a long active history in reentry activities at the national level and our members are keenly interested in knowing what works, since reentry is paramount to reducing recidivism, increasing public safety and controlling prison populations. Our partnerships with the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) and the Council of State Governments Justice Center (CSG JC) on the Second Chance Reentry Resource Center and other initiatives are excellent examples.

Members of the Committee


John Baldwin (IL)


Leann Bertsch (ND)


Harold Clarke (VA)

Cook, rollin pic - small

Rollin Cook (UT)


James "Greg" Cox

Jones, julie pic_phixr

Julie Jones (FL)

Kaemingk, denny pic small

Denny Kaemingk (SD)


Robert Lampert (WY)


James Le Blanc (LA)


Bruce Lemmon

Livingston, brad_phixr

Brad Livingston


George Lombardi (MO)


Gary Mohr (OH)

Ponte joseph pic_phixr

Joseph Ponte (NYC)

Raemisch, rick - executive director (2014)_phixr

Rick Raemisch (CO)


John Rees


Ray Roberts


Tom Roy (MN)


Jim Rubenstein (WV)

Sakai, ted small pic 2014_phixr

Ted Sakai

Samuels, charles_2012 pic small

Charles Samuels (FBOP)

Semple, scott int com med 8 14_phixr

Scott Semple (CT)


LaDonna Thompson


Reggie Wilkinson


William Wrenn (NH)

Reentry and Community Corrections Committee Leadership
Tom Roy (MN) Co-Chair
George Lombardi (MO) Co-Chair

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