The Nominating Committee serves at the President's pleasure to present a slate of ASCA officers for consideration by the Executive Committee at the end of a two-year term of office, or when vacancies occur in the positions of President, Vice President or Treasurer. When the President identifies other situations that require nomination(s), the Committee is convened, given its charge, and sets about scanning the membership for appropriate persons for the given task.

Message from the Chair

Pat_caruso Harold Clarke, Virginia, Chair
Nominating Committee

An organization is only as good as its leadership. The Nominating Committee is comprised of active and associate members of ASCA. It is our responsibility to seek out members to fill the various leadership positions in ASCA. This is accomplished through our personal involvement in the association and through a system of active outreach which encourages all members to submit names of those they feel can contribute to fulfilling our mission and represent our association in a professional manner. One of our goals is to involve as many members as possible in the leadership of ASCA and to reflect the diversity of our membership – geographic, size of jurisdiction, gender, race, professional background, etc. – in our leadership nominations. These are presented to the Executive Committee for consideration and action.

Members of the Committee


Harold Clarke (VA)

Kaemingk, denny pic small

Denny Kaemingk (SD)

Nominating Committee Leadership

Harold Clarke (VA), Chair

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