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Please load any funding opportunities and informative grantsmanship articles/documents here to share with peers in other agencies.  Click the attached email link to describe what you would like to share and attach the asset to the email.  Share@asca.net

Grants Managers Meetings

In the focus groups one of the requested resources identified was the ability for grants writers and managers to collaborate more.  ASCA will use conference calling or GoToMeeting type networking resources to facilitate this type of collaboration.  If you would like to suggest a meeting subject or facilitate a meeting send a request including the topic for a meeting, the target audience (who should attend), and any documents that might be used in the meeting to collaborate@asca.net.

OJP Grant Application Peer Review

OJP actively seeks qualified individuals to join the pool of subject matter experts it calls upon to review the strengths and weaknesses of applications for grant funding. Whether you are selected to review applications for a particular solicitation is based on factors such as subject matter expertise, demographics (such as your position title and geographic location), and prior experience as a reviewer.

Consider the following—

  • The process is time sensitive and deadline driven. Generally, reviewers have 2-4 weeks to review and evaluate 10–30 applications and participate in a consensus call, webinar, or in-person peer review that lasts from 1-2 days.
  • The process involves significant, critical documentation to ensure that you are suitable for assignments and to avoid any conflicts of interest.
  • Reviews are conducted primarily in late winter and spring.
  • Compensation for non-federal reviewers is nominal, $125 per application.
  • The peer review panel’s input is valuable in assisting OJP with award decisions.

If you are interested, start the enrollment process by e-mailing OJP Peer Review.


Request a Forum Topic

Click on the link to request a new forum topic: forums@grantsmanagers.com

Forum - Searching Grants.gov

Share your best tips for searching Grants.gov for funding opportunities related to corrections at this FORUM.

Ask a Colleague

Become a Valuable Resource

ASCA will maintain a list of Grants Writers and Managers who have had good success in finding grants, writing grants, managing grants and reporting on grants.  A group email link will be created so that grant writers and managers who have questions can may query their colleagues by email. 

If we can place you on one or more of the grant writers, grant manager or grant reporting lists to provide assistance for your colleagues please let us know at askacolleague@asca.net.

Grants Managers and Writers Directory

The Grants Writers and Managers directory was updated in March 2010.  Click here to download the directory.

Colleagues with Grants Searching Expertise

Ask a colleague about searching for grant opportunities at searchingforgrants@asca.net.

Colleagues with Grants Application and Writing Expertise

Contact colleagues with expertise in applying for and writing grants at applyingforgrants@asca.net

Colleagues with Grants Managing and Reporting Expertise

Contact colleagues with expertise in managing and reporting on grants at managinggrants@asca.net.