The Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship is named in honor of Susan Hunter, former Chief of the Prisons Division at the National Institute of Corrections, as a lasting tribute to her commitment to the field of corrections. Susan was 58 when she passed away March 14, 2004.

Message from the Chairs

Reggie Angelone Reggie Wilkinson, Associate
Chair Scholarship Sub-Committee

Ron Angelone, Associate
Chair Past Presidents' Committee

Message from Past Presidents' Committee Chair Angelone
The Susan M. Hunter Scholarship program is by far the most important project for the Past Presidents' Committee and provides perhaps the most needed gift to our correctional staff--educational funding--for staff's children who are working hard academically, but need financial assistance to continue their educational journeys.

Message from Scholarship Sub-Committee Chair Reggie Wilkinson
No other effort during my corrections experience has been as rewarding and meant more to me and my colleagues than providing these scholarships.

I ask all companies who profit from our profession to commit financial support to this program. I also ask ASCA members, colleagues, and associates to make contributions. This is our way improve our future staff in corrections and to grow outstanding citizens in our correctional families.

Members of the Committee


Patricia Caruso


Harold Clarke (VA)


Larry Norris (AR)


Richard Stalder


Morris Thigpen


Reggie Wilkinson

The Susan M. Hunter Scholarship is administered by the ASCA Past Presidents' Committee.

Ron Angelone, Past Presidents' Committee Chair
Reggie Wilkinson, Scholarship Sub-Committee Chair

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