The Program and Training Committee designs and develops trainings/programs that are
1) relevant to the membership’s current needs for specific information,
2) enriched by the research and study of experts and the experiential wisdom of fellow members who are dealing successfully with challenging issues, and 3) tailored for new and experienced members.

Message from the Chair

Blank headtiff_phixr Vacant, Chair
Program & Training Committee

ASCA prides itself in innovative, engaging, and effective training that emphasizes peer interaction. Consistently, our trainings have been rated on the high end of excellence. The attendance is always good and the participant discussions are animated. Our Committee is committed to improving our programs every year with benefit of feedback from our participating members.

Members of the Committee


Leann Bertsch (ND)

Cook, rollin pic - small

Rollin Cook (UT)

Jones, julie pic_phixr

Julie Jones (FL)


Robert Lampert (WY)

Raemisch, rick - executive director (2014)_phixr

Rick Raemisch (CO)


A.T. Wall (RI)

Program and Training Committee Leadership

Vacant, Chair

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