Tom Clements Award : About Tom Clements

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Our Colleague, Our Friend

Colorado Executive Director Tom Clements was assassinated at his home in Monument, Colorado on March 19, 2013. 

After more than 30 years of service to the Missouri Department of Corrections, Tom was appointed the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections in February of 2011.  As soon as he was appointed, he became an active member of ASCA.  He was an engaging participant in ASCA's Seminar for Recently Appointed Administrators, and contributed significantly to the enrichment of both the Special Issue Seminars and the Symposium for Correctional Administrators.  He attended and added especial value to discussions concerning the hottest issue in corrections at that time -- long-term administrative segregation.

At his memorial service, Colorado's Governor John Hickenlooper called Clements a great man who led a "quiet crusade" to reform the state's correctional system. "It was a belief he had at the core of his person, that anyone could be redeemed." We certainly agree with Governor Hickenlooper's words when he said: "I have never worked with a better person than Tom, and I can't imagine our team without him." 

ASCA is a better organization because Tom was a member.  We miss his dedication to corrections, to his department and staff, and to the Association of State Correctional Administrators.

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October 2, 1954   -   March 19, 2013