The Executive Committee, composed of four ASCA officers and four regional representatives, directs the Association’s functions and activities, including management of committees, contracts, fiscal affairs, grants, special projects, and external relationships with the federal government, special commissions, national associations and foundations.

Message from the Chair

Bertsch Leann Bertsch, Commissioner
North Dakota Department of Corrections
President of ASCA

Dear Members,

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as your President for the past two years. As I complete another year with the Association of State Correctional Administrators, I reflect back on those events that have challenged us, as well as those events that have made us proud of our profession and our Association.

We have awarded the first recipient of the Clements Innovation Award to Gary Mohr (OH). The award commemorates the life and service of ASCA’s own Tom Clements, one of ours who was lost in service to the State of Colorado in 2013.

We made substantial gains in the area of PREA. Many states are in full compliance with the PREA standards. We have also discussed and studied the impact of the mentally ill in our systems, and have developed guiding principles for their management and treatment.

We have made progress in understanding how and to what extent restrictive housing is being used across correctional systems and we created guiding principles around the use of restrictive housing. Much work remains to identify and develop effective strategies to reduce the use of restrictive housing.

A record number of Susan Hunter Scholarships were awarded to deserving children of corrections employees across the country.

We have seen many directors retire or change positions this past year, yet a new group of directors are trained, ready and eager to tackle the enormous challenges of correctional systems.

We have many states and jurisdictions involved in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative and Second Chance opportunities. We anticipate much good work in those areas.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as the President of the Association of Correctional Administrators. I am humbled by your great work, daily.

Thank you,
Leann Bertsch, President

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Members of the Committee


Leann Bertsch (ND)

Kelley, wendy phototiff_phixr

Wendy Kelley (AR)

Raemisch, rick - executive director (2014)_phixr

Rick Raemisch (CO)

Peters, colette small_phixr

Colette S. Peters (OR)

Semple, scott int com med 8 14_phixr

Scott Semple (CT)


A.T. Wall (RI)

Washington, heidi updated_phixr

Heidi Washington (MI)


John Wetzel (PA)

Leann Bertsch (ND), President
John Wetzel (PA), Vice President
Colette S. Peters (OR), Treasurer
A.T. Wall (RI), Past President


Scott Semple (CT), Northeast Representative
Wendy Kelley (AR), Southern Representative
Heidi Washington (MI), Midwest Representative
Rick Raemisch (CO), Western Representative

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