The Past Presidents' Committee oversees the Susan M. Hunter and the Wainwright Awards. The Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship is named in honor of Susan Hunter, former Chief of the Prisons Division at the National Institute of Corrections, as a lasting tribute to her commitment to the field of corrections. Susan was 58 when she passed away March 14, 2004. The Scholarship provides the opportunity for former presidents of ASCA to contribute their experience and knowledge for the betterment of the Association, to formally acknowledge the contributions of former members, and to encourage higher education to the children of correctional employees through the awarding of the Susan M. Hunter Scholarships.

The Wainwright Award honors Louie L. Wainwright, Secretary of Corrections in Florida during many years during the 60s, 70s and 80s. He holds the record for longest serving correctional agency head in a single state. He has for years been the acknowledged Dean of American Correctional Administrators based on his twenty-five years of continuous service as Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections. He presided as President of ACA and along with Ellis MacDougall, founded the Association of State Correctional Administrators. He established many facilities and implemented countless innovations in Florida during his tenure. His facilities were best known by ACA auditors as the cleanest and most orderly in the nation. He was an ACA Standard bearer; and during his tenure, all of his facilities were accredited.

This award is bestowed on the Associate member of ASCA who has contributed greatly to corrections since having left his/her post as director of a corrections agency.

Message from the Chair

Angelone Ron Angelone, Chair
Past Presidents' Committee

I am proud to lead a Committee that is focused on positive reinforcement of merit and sharing executive leadership advice to the ASCA Executive Committee. Having been President of ASCA, I learned that a pat on the back or an expression of support when it is needed are the makings of confidence and success.

The first two significant contributions of the committee to the Association are the Susan M. Hunter Scholarship and the Louie Wainwright Award (Past Presidents’ Award). The Susan M. Hunter Scholarship is awarded annually to Corrections Employees‘ sons and daughters who are pursuing degrees in the field of corrections or criminal justice. The Louie Wainwright Past Presidents’ Award annually recognizes a former director of corrections who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, contribution to corrections, accomplishment, and service to the Association and/or to the field of corrections since serving as director.

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Past Presidents' Committee Leadership

Ron Angelone (Associate), Chair

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