The Racial Disparity Committee examines correctional current policies and practices that generate racial disparities; promotes promising practices for eliminating racial disparity within our systems; and actively advocates to influence policies that produce racial disparities within the correctional system and to suggest solutions that may eliminate these disparities.

Message from the Chairs

Clarke Raemisch, rick - executive director (2014)_phixr Rick Raemisch (CO) & Harold Clarke (VA), Co-Chairs
Racial Disparity Committee

Although corrections has little control over inmates received from the courts, corrections does have considerable discretionary decision-making that may produce unintended racial disparities. We are committed to examining our practices and other aspects of correctional decision-making to help us develop solutions for eliminating these unintended disparities. As correctional leaders, it is incumbent on us to actively reach out to sister criminal justice agencies, elected legislative and executive leaders, and private organizations to make known our concerns regarding racial disparities and to influence their decisions and policies that produce racial disparities within the correctional system with particular emphases on the polices that influence who comes prison.
These initiatives are critical for addressing first the injustices of any disparity within our systems, but also for reducing the costs of corrections, addressing the rates of over-incarceration within our country, and developing policies that advance safety within our communities and institutions.

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Members of the Committee


John Baldwin (IL)


Leann Bertsch (ND)


Harold Clarke (VA)

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Denny Kaemingk (SD)


Robert Lampert (WY)


George Lombardi (MO)

Raemisch, rick - executive director (2014)_phixr

Rick Raemisch (CO)


Tom Roy (MN)

Racial Disparity Committee Leadership

Co-Chairs: Harold Clarke (VA) and Rick Raemisch (CO)

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