The Francke Award Committee: James Michael Francke was an exceptional man and an avant-garde leader in the corrections field in the 1980s. His work as secretary and director of corrections in the states of New Mexico and Oregon helped to reshape and rebuild penal systems stuck in the status quo. He was a progressive leader whose legacy will influence future generations of correctional administrators striving to make a difference. After serving for two years as Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections, his career was tragically cut short on the night of January 17, 1989, when he was stabbed to death on the doorsteps of the Oregon Department of Corrections in Salem, the state’s capital.

In honor of his legacy, each year ASCA presents the Michael Francke Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Association, to recognize the outstanding ASCA member who personifies dedication to the corrections profession and demonstrates outstanding career achievements.

Message from the Chair

Director_from_intranet A.T. Wall, Rhode Island,

To date, twenty-four ASCA Members have been acknowledged for their excellence in the field of corrections as recipients of the Michael Francke Award. Each year a member is selected to receive the Award by the Francke Committee from nominations submitted by other ASCA members, Deputy Directors of Corrections, and Governors. The Francke Committee consists of the five most recent recipients of the Michael Francke Award, as well as myself as its Chair. ASCA is proud to present this award each year to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of its members and to honor the memory of Michael Francke.

Recently Updated

Tom Roy Selected as 2016 Francke Awardee
12/16/2016 05:32 PM

Brad Livingston Receives the 2015 Francke Award
12/15/2016 09:37 PM

Members of the Committee


Robert Lampert (WY)

Livingston, brad_phixr

Brad Livingston


Gary Maynard


Tom Roy (MN)

Sakai, ted small pic 2014_phixr

Ted Sakai

Francke Award Committee Leadership

A.T. Wall (RI), Chair

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