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Time-In-Cell: A 2019 Snapshot of Restrictive Housing Based on Nationwide Surveys of U.S. Correctional Facilities ~  COMING SOON!


NC inmates helping protect prison staff from coronavirus

 — Prisons have been a hotspot in North Carolina for coronavirus cases, but the inmates themselves are now engaged in the fight against the pandemic.

Correction Enterprises, which provides jobs to 2,200 inmates statewide, usually produces items from furniture to eyeglass frames to signs. But some production lines have recently shifted to making masks and other protective gear for inmates and prison workers to limit the spread of the virus behind bars.

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Michigan recidivism rate falls to its lowest level in state history

Lansing, Mich. – The recidivism rate in Michigan dropped to its lowest rate in state history, placing it among the best in the country.Michigan’s recidivism rate, which measures the percentage of offenders who return to prison within three years of release, has dropped to 26.7 percent.Offenders can be returned to prison for committing new crimes, or for violating the conditions of their parole. The current figures represent individuals who were released from prison in 2016.

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Forest Service patrols backcountry with Wyoming Honor Farm–trained wild horses

By Country 10

When Law Enforcement Officer Katrina Haworth was looking at options to acquire quality horses for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) mounted patrol program, she was hesitant to consider wild horses.

“But then I had the opportunity to see how the Honor Farm trainers work with their horses, starting with essential groundwork and spending the time to instill a great foundation,” said Haworth, USFS Region 1 coordinator for mounted patrol. “I brought that information to the decision-makers and made the case that we could bring good, lightly-started young horses to the program for little to no cost.”

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2019 Francke and Clements Award Recipients

CLA would like to congratulate this year's Francke and Clements Award Recipients who will be honored later this month at a special awards dinner during our All Directors Symposium in Carlsbad, CA. 



 John Wetzel 

Colette Peters
Vice President
           Anne Precythe